Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trivento Select Malbec (2007)

Name: Trivento Select Malbec (2007)
Type: Malbec (red)
Price: Approximately $10
Description: Lovely, a bit sweet, very smooth.
Recommend?: Yes!

Lately, we've been on a kick for Malbecs.  According to Epicurious, Malbec is a red-wine grape originating in France and generally blended with other grapes. Malbec grapes are planted extensively in Argentina and Chile.

Most of the Malbecs that Joe and I have consumed have been from Argentina. I can't remember where we had the first but we've had several out that have been really nice. This past Sunday we were on a mission to purchase a bottle of Malbec to accompany our dinner at home.

Only, our local grocery store, which has an extensive wine section, is geographically-challenged. After an extensive search, we finally found what we were looking for in the section marked "South Africa, New Zealand". No, not so much.

Joe selected a bottle of Trivento Select from 2007. According to the bottle, Trivento means "inspired by the winds" and has something to do with the winds rushing over the mouths of three caves. The bottle also says "Trivento Select Malbec is aged in medium toasted French oak, which dds vanilla aroma and supple tannins to the wine's rich berry flavors."

We found it to be very smooth and just a touch sweet. In fact, it was just sweet enough that I'd recommend it to a friend that's trying to break into red wines but not quite ready for something overly dry. We drank our bottle at dinner along with some Irish cheddar, calamari, potato salad and grilled ribeye steaks.

Delicious. I would totally buy it again. Probably on Friday.


  1. This is why you are in my life. To let me know what to pick up when I go to beverage store :)

  2. Fabulous Cate. I'm looking forward to trying this out, as well as following what is to come on a brand new & fabulous Cate-blog!


  3. Mrs. Cooper - I'm glad to have found my purpose!

    Snarky - I really enjoyed this bottle so I'm definitely sending him back for more tomorrow.

    Beth - Twas yummy. I <3 red wines.

  4. Does anyone know where I can buy Trivento Sweet Malbec wine in the US? I have only been able to find it in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.


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