Friday, May 8, 2009

Fix-It-Fridays: Tasty Salad

This week's edition of "Fix-It-Friday" tackles a dinner staple - salad.

What's your favorite salad? What do you like to add on top? What are you favorite dressings?

I like to use spinach for my salad greens. My favorite 'recipe' for salad involves spinach, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and a homemade dressing based on red wine vinegar. There's also some sort of cheese but I can't remember what kind.

For my "standard" salad during the week, I usually add Craisins, red onion, feta, and a bit of balsamic vinegar/olive oil.

Yes, you'll notice a bit of a trend there. I try to keep my dressing simple - a little oil and vinegar. I have a recipe for balsamic dressing that involves the addition of mustard and garlic. For store-bought dressings, I try to stick to the "lighter" dressings but I try to avoid them.

So, weigh in with your thoughts on greens!


  1. My current favorite recipe for a salad is called Winter Fruit Salad. The combination of apple, pear, poppyseed lemon dressing and swiss cheese is delish.

    My husband makes the best salads if we're just throwing greens together. For a while I wondered how he did it, but then I saw that he would salt and pepper the greens before adding the dressing. Such a simple step, but it reallly adds to the yum-factor.

  2. Salt and pepper? Interesting. I'm totally going to give this a try next time I assemble a salad. That Winter Fruit Salad sounds awesome as well. Yum!

  3. I have something to say but it might need to wait until Monday!

    *shuffles feet, eyes darting, trying to look busy*

  4. l.o.v.e. spinach salad.

    alas, it does not like me. i think the egg encourages the rest of the salad to turn on me and stage a mutiny upon my bowels.

    but i do love craisins, cheese, cottage cheese, croutons...lots o' stuff...mmmm, salad.

  5. I have a wonderful recipe for a strawberry salad with baby spinach, romaine, mozzarella cheese, almonds and an awesome dressing. Also like to make a chicken waldorf salad that is out of this world

  6. TMC - Ooh the suspense, it is tasty!

    Andy - I have issues with eggs as well so I leave them out most of the time. I totally want to eat a plate of croutons now though.

    Lindy - That salad sounds delicious. I don't often put mozzarella on salads but I bet it's awesome with the strawberries.

  7. I had this left Unread, like I was going to come back and say something brilliant but the more I thought about it, the less I had to say. I like a deconstructed salad. All the pieces separate on the plate, with the dressing on the side for dipping.

    borrrrrrrrrring. I know.

  8. I really like that idea! I usually keep my dressing on the side anyways. And then there are certain ingredients Joe and I aren't in agreement on. Very cool!


Food for thought - I bet it's tasty! Thanks for commenting!