Saturday, April 18, 2009

That's pretty fresh! (Lobstergram)

Friday nights, we like to wind down with a nice dinner and a bottle of wine. Joe will usually stop and pick up something on the way home depending on the mood. Usually this means something for the grill but sometimes it's pizza, wings, or any other number of things.

This week, he told me "I've got dinner covered for Friday - it will be delivered during the day and then we'll cook it when I get home." Arriving home from work, I found a big white styrofoam box (in addition to a cardboard Amazon box) on the front porch and brought it inside to the kitchen table. My guess? Some sort of steak delivery.

As I waited for Joe to show up, I sat at the kitchen table reading blogs and twittering away.

That's when I heard it. Something was moving inside a package I had brought in from the porch. I assumed it must be the Amazon box making noise so I took that one out to the garage.

Again, I heard the scratching.
Joe: Hello?
me: Are you going to be home soon?
Joe: I'm at the checkout line now with the wine. Why?
me: I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but I think something got into the box of dinner - it's making noises.
Joe: Noises?
me: Yes, like something's moving in there.
Joe: It will be ok, I'll be home soon.
Certain that dinner was ruined, I poked through the pantry for a back-up plan. Fortunately, the backup plan was unnecessary once Joe opened the box and showed me what was inside:

Looks like one of them got sick on the trip. But yes, two LIVE Maine lobsters, overnighted to our door.

Now, I've never boiled live lobster before though it's something I've always wanted to do. Very exciting! I also thought it was going to be a lot of work (and mess). Mostly, I stood back and took photos (and drank wine) while Joe did the cooking.

And after a delicious dinner of lobster (which, yes, I made Joe do all the cracking and dissecting because it was LOOKING at me! I am weak he likes to feel like a big manly provider), Joe presents dessert:

Yes, apparently cooking live lobster wasn't enough adventure for one evening. We needed to finish it up by eating a puppy for dessert. And it was quite tasty. I'm more of a cat person anyways.

And there you have it - my husband, who is far too busy to have read my blog this week, managed to create his very own Lobster Incident. Mo and Blognut would be so proud!


  1. could i have not noticed another blog?



    i love my newfie.

    the ex-husband HATED seafood so i was treated to a dinner once a year on my birthday.

    too funny.

    i cooked lobsters with the eldest heathen as a fathers day surprise for the boyfriend and his dad last year. i had never touched a live one before...let alone kill it! i must admit there were a few girly screams along the way. we even dropped one on the floor after we cut off the rubber claw band and it tried to bite us on its way into the pot of death. hey! my very own lobster incident!

    and once again, joe is fucking awesome.

    love ya.

  2. Good for Joe! I have to admit though--I don't want to see my lobsters being cooked. It makes me sad. I think this means that I need to only have lobster at restaurants, or if someone makes it for me I need to be in another room. I want to pretend that they come cooked. I wouldn't want to see my chicken slaughtered either, but I'm guessing that I won't ever be in THAT situation. :)

  3. Oh yeah, I'm proud of Joe!

    I figured it was a lobster, but I didn't want to tell you when you were busily twittering away Friday night!

  4. I so did not see this coming. I just kept thinking of my brother's ex who's parent's used to buy guinea pigs from pets stores for dinner. (they're chinese, and yes I'm serious). I'm so glad it was lobster. Although I wasn't too far off with the puppy. ;)

  5. Snarky - I'm going to keep him for now!

    Andy - You just don't pay enough attn to me. Joe loves seafood. I like it once or twice a week. The second lobster put up a fight going into the pot and it was all I could do not to crawl up on a chair and shriek.

    C. Beth - I expected to have more issues with watching them go into the pot but I did ok.

    blognut - SURE you did... I see no proof.

    RAS - Guinea pigs. Wow. Guess most exes are such for a reason!

  6. HA!!! We TOO had dinner delivered in a styrofoam box - 'cept it was 180 pounds of CRAWFISH! They looked the same, just smaller! :)

  7. Guinea pigs for dinner? EEEEEEEW! I'll never look at one the same way again.

    I thought it was a dog at first too. So, did they really scream when you put them in the water? Poor lobsters.

  8. Now that looks like an adventure in cooking!

  9. Looks like you caught them in a deft pincer movement. Sorry, I couldn't resist that!


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