Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In my basket

I've decided it's Easter Week. I mean, the actual timing of Easter week is caused by planetary alignment and how many times the rabbit sees his shadow in the full moon. I only mean that I've decided any and all posts on this blog this week will relate to Easter.

First post of the week - when you think of an Easter basket, what goes inside? Particular foods or candy? Actual Easter eggs? Non-edible items? Little chickies?

Growing up, my parents the Easter bunny always hid baskets for me and the little bro & sis. However, he left our chocolate on the counter in a special community basket. Supposedly this was because the dog liked to find our baskets and eat the candy. I've been told chocolate isn't good for dogs. Boy must it suck to be a canine. The real reason I think the candy stayed on the counter was because it was easier for my mother eat it that way.

I was always partial to Cadbury creme eggs as a child though now my tastes lean more towards the Cadbury mini-eggs. Another favorite Easter basket addition was always the gift from my grandmother when she came over for dinner. She always bought each of us our own chocolate rabbit and a small jar of peanut butter. That way we could double-dip the bunny without getting yelled at. Oh, the tummy ache I have right now just thinking about it.

So tell me about your Easter basket treasures! I have to imagine there are a lot of individual touches that go well beyond chocolate eggs and purple paper grass.


  1. We always got kites and bubbles. There was always a ton of great chocolate, of course, but we always always got kites adn bubbles, too. And my grandpa made us our own wooden bunny baskets one year. I love Easter.

  2. White chocolate tastes like Easter to me. I don't like a lot of it, but it brings back memories. Double dipping a chocolate bunny in peanut butter sounds wonderful!

  3. Easter is really different in Sweden, full of witches, pagan myths and candy, and less about the Easter bunny. Every year my mom would give me an Easter Egg made of paper, with Easter motives on, filled with Swedish candy. Delicious!

    Here, I miss Swedish candy, and fill my egg with Cadbury mini-eggs instead.

  4. 1. I obsess over Cadbury eggs every Easter (though, when I was a kid I hated them) and I had NO idea there were mini-eggs. I guess this has a lot to do with my mother-in-law making all our baskets.
    Yes, she makes a basket for all three children and their spouses and hides them. Every year. And I love it!

    B. Jelly beans and hollow chocolate bunnies were always in our baskets when I was a kid...along with the green plastic grass, of course.

    III. I'm still drooling over the thought of Cadbury eggs. Thanks.

  5. I was never a huge fan of Cadbury eggs (I like them, but I don't LOVE them) so I always lobbied for the Easter Bunny to bring me those Reese's peanut butter eggs. And though I rarely eat them the rest of the year, I love those malted robin's eggs or whatever they are called - like Whoppers, but in egg form. Yummmmm.

    I LOVE the idea of a rabbit and an individual jar of peanut butter! Brilliant!

  6. RAS - I love the idea of bubbles. So much fun! And your own baskets made by grandpa? Do you still have it? Because that's made of awesome.

    Tiffany - I'm not a big fan of white chocolate at all but it's interesting that you associate it so specifically with Easter.

    Snarky - I always enjoy hearing about how things are done outside my teensy world. I think Swedish Easter sounds very cool and I wonder what candies you can't get here.

    Isabella - As a kid I loved the creme eggs but now find them too sweet to enjoy regularly. The mini-eggs are heaven though. I love that you still search for baskets. And damn that plastic grass because it got everywhere. I was never a fan of jelly beans for some reason.

    Kara - Ooooh, I *do* love some Reese's pb eggs. Not a big fan of malt but the robin's eggs are so pretty. I love looking at them.


Food for thought - I bet it's tasty! Thanks for commenting!