Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Dinner Menu

I'm in the process of planning our Easter dinner menu.  Like most holidays, it will be just me and Joe (supervised by the cats) for our meal.  While this may sound preferable to hosting a meal for thirty people, it brings about its own unique challenges.

Mainly, we always end up with way too much food.  And since we generally eat quite healthy, we allow holidays to be a time for indulgence.  Great, except with only two diners, that leaves a lot of leftovers.  I should really figure out this whole "freezing food" concept.

One of the advantages is that neither of us are die-hard "traditional holiday meal" people.  Sometimes we do go traditional - we had turkey for Thanksgiving, along with all the trimmings.  And froze about ten pounds of bird afterwards.  Sometimes we make our own traditions - the past few years, we've made prime rib for Christmas.  And sometimes, we just go completely outside the box - pasta, pizza, all appetizers.  One year we had an all-bourbon Thanksgiving and every recipe included bourbon as an ingredient.

The one thing we haven't ever done is eat out.  Well, unless you count the Easter we were driving home from Florida and stopped at Subway for a ham and cheese.

Growing up, we always ate ham, snowflake rolls, mashed potatoes, Gramma's mac and cheese, applesauce (my baby brother would only eat applesauce and rolls for most of his meals) and deviled eggs.  Other random dishes also made the table from time to time but those were the staples.  Desserts were more haphazard though there was almost always chocolate pudding pie.  

This year, I'm considering lasagna at this point.  Or something awesome on the grill.  Joe suggested going out but I really do enjoy preparing our meal together at home and relaxing.  Tell me about your Easter dinners and help me plan my own.


  1. Hmm... I haven't yet thought about doing anything special for Easter. I've been inclined to ignore holidays in my cranky state of late.

    That said, one of my favorite "fancy" holiday sides is roasted sliced fennel layered with sliced carrots, parmesan cheese and fresh thyme. I love lasagna as a special holiday meal; I typically make it vegetarian, featuring greens or squash instead of meat. Deviled eggs are definitely an Easter staple, too. I recall having made sweet potato and rosemary rolls for past Easters as well.

    Good luck with your planing! I look forward to hearing about the results.

  2. Ham always seems Easter-like to me, but I'm not a traditional type person either. If we were staying home instead of going to family, I think I would have made brunch.

    The fennel dish sounds great.


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