Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grilled Pizza

Here's one of our latest culinary obsessions - making our own pizza.

Yeah, we've made our own pizza for years but always using pre-made crusts. Now, we're rolling the dough ourselves and it feels like we're doing so much more. Of course, we're also making a total mess of things so I don't know that more is better. But it sure is yummy!

This particular pizza concoction was sloppingly transferred to the pizza stone and transported to the grill. Look at the awesome mess I Joe made by rolling the dough in more of an oval so it ended up hanging off the one side!

Toppings on this one are homemade basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, grilled chicken and fresh mozzarella. Mmmm, so yummy. See how the cheese even turned nice and golden? That there is the result of almost burning it pure skill.

Since then, we've also made a ham, onion, thyme and Gruyere pizza but we did that one in the oven. We had better luck with the crust not looking like a mutilated tire on that one but I forgot to take photos before we dug into it.

Mmm, pizza...

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  1. I'm way to lazy for something like this but it looks DELICIOUS!!!

    Actually I would cook HUGE meals three times a day . . . if someone else would clean it all up!


Food for thought - I bet it's tasty! Thanks for commenting!