Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pine Station Red Table Wine

This is another bottle we purchased on our trip to California. Milat Estate Winery is a tiny little family-run winery.

The Pine Station Red Table Wine is described on their site as:
Full bodied, with rich aromas and flavors. Excellent house red that exhibits black fruit from the Cabernet, raspberry and clove from the Zinfandel, and a subtle softness from the Merlot. A great everyday wine.

A great casual red, it would probably go well with just about anything though we paired it with pizza. Personally, I'm a big fan of Cabernet and Zinfandel so anything combining the two is a good start for me. I'm not sure I'd continuously buy it in the store for $18 per bottle if this came from a major supplier but this one had a more sentimental draw since we picked it up in person. Definitely worth a try if you're rambling through Napa. And definitely worth a visit - we had a blast at the tasting where we met one of the brothers that operates the place.


  1. I've found the ONLY wine I like is either REALLY sweet (like Dublin wines) or Cavit's Pinot Noir. I LOVE Pinor Noir but apparently my expensive tastes arent limited to clothing and home-wear (ok I'm sure thats not the right word, but I cant think of anything better there. Lol) I normally dont do the "buy a glass" thing at resturaunts because I'd hate to spend money on a glass i dont like. But I gave in this past year and bought a glass of this wine at Olive Garden (thank God their wines are sold in stores!) I paid $5.50 for the glass and the bottle (at grocery stores) goes for $9-$11. I did go to a wine tasting and found I like a lot of the Pinot Noirs I tried....but ALL of them were over $50 per bottle! I hate wine shopping :(


Food for thought - I bet it's tasty! Thanks for commenting!